Arrangment Care

A little bit of extra care makes a significant difference on in life of your arrangements.

For Vase Arrangements keep them filled up with clean water all the way to the top. Some flowers last longer than the others, simply remove the dead flowers and foliage. this will keep your arrangements looking fresh. If your arrangement is in the floral foam, keep your arrangements saturated with water. Keep all your arrangements in a cool place away from direct sun, and heat.

Phalaenopsis Orchid & Plant care

  • Optimal temps for Orchids is between 64 and 75 degrees. Avoid direct sun, grows well beside a window.
  • Orchids love light. Make sure they get enough light. they also love steams. if you place them somewhere that they get enough steam, you don't need to water them.
  • Water when nearly dry, Every 5-7 days in summer; 10-14 days in winter.
  • One thing that kills most Orchids is over watering, always check for moisture before watering. Orchids in designs should be watered less as there is no room for water to escape.
  • The dirt in your plants should be moist. You can always check for the moisture in your plant before you water them to make sure you are not over watering. For the designs that have Succulent in them, you can put the Succulent in water or dirt and they easily grew and stay alive.
Availability/Substitution of Flowers

Flowers & vases are subject to change due to availability.Our floral designer are talented and we take pride on every& each of their design they produce. You will love the design. we will redesign the arrangement to match the original look and feel at equal or greater value.

When you put your order in, delivery charge& Tax will be added on to it.there will be an extra charge when you will ask for specific hour, time, day per your request to that delivery.